Selected invited talks 18644760_1908551529421799_141144635

2017 Tegneserier og grafisk medisin [Cartoons and graphic medicine]. NTNU medical library, 25.03.2017, Trondheim

2017 Overlevelsens dødelige byrde. Brukermedvirkning, nye risikosubjekter og paradokser i legemiddelassistert rehabilitering (LAR) [User participation, new subjects at risk and paradoxes of OST]. Konferanse “Kritisk blikk på rusbehandling,” VID Specialized University, 10.10.2015, Oslo

2016 “But a spoon is not equipment”: Risk Behaviour and Knowledge Seeking Among HCV-infected PWID. 5th International Symposium on Hepatitis Care in Substance Users, 7-9.9.2016, Oslo

2015 Hvordan jobbe tverrfaglig med et felt? Rus og avhengighet [How to work interdisciplinary? Drugs and addiction]. Metodeforum, 25.3.2015, HiOA

2014 Mistenksomhet og kontroll som forutsetning og hinder i LAR-behandling. 10. Nasjonale LAR konferanse [Suspicion and controll as a condition and a barrier in OST]. Fagkonferanse for rus- og avhengighetsbehandling i spesialisthelsetjenesten og kommunen, 16-17.20.2014, Oslo

2012 Mangfold og likeverdighet på legevakta [Diversity and equity at the emergency unit], Lillestrøm legevakten

2011 Kultursensitivitet og sykehusarbeid [Cultural sensitivity and hospital work]. Fagkonferanse, Nordlandssykehuset HF, Bodø 12-13.9.2011

2011 Film, fiksjon og antropologi. Innovasjon og formidling [Film, fiction, and anthropology. Innovation and dissemination] (panel participant), Norsk Antropologisk Forenings Årskonferanse, 6-8.5.2011, Oslo

2009 Pain, Body Movement and the Aesthetics of Masculinity (discussant), Anthropology of Men, Masculinities and Health, Freie Universität, Berlin, 15-16.05.2009

Refereed session organizer

2018 Questioning Addiction and Contextualizing Treatment Part 1 & Part 2, 117th American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, 14-18.11, San Jose California (with Paul Christensen)

Refereed talks

2018 Patient is the New Black: Treatmentality and Resistance towards Patientization in Opioid Substitution Treatment in Norway, 117th American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, 14-18.11.2018, San Jose California

2018 Making “The Virus” – Ethnographic Comic Book about Hepatitis C and Injecting Drug Use: Promises and Pitfalls of Graphic Ethnography. MAYS/EASA, 5-6.10.2018, Berlin

2017 Living Longer Than Life. Survival Narratives and Normalization of Death in Pharmacological Treatment of Opioid Addiction in Norway. Biennial Conference of the EASA Medical Anthropology Network “Bodies in Transition, Power, Knowledge and Medical Anthropology, 5-7.7. 2017, Lisbon

2017 The Lethal Burden of Survival. Making of Subjects at Risk and Paradoxes of Opioid Substitution Treatment in Norway. Fourth Contemporary Drug Problems Conference: ‘Making alcohol and other drug realities’, 23-25.08.2017, Helsinki

2017 Å leve lengre enn livet. Overlevelsesnarrativer og framtidsfilosofier i farmakologisk behandling av avhengighet i Norge. Norsk Antropologisk Forenings Årskonferanse, 5- 7.5.2017, Lillehammer

2016 Nocebo or quest for a better life? Trajectories of side effects in the pharmaceutical treatment of addiction in Norway. Third Contemporary Drug Problems Conference: ‘Encountering alcohol and other drugs’, 16-18.9.2016, Lisbon

2015 „Sjeldne tilfeller” – unngå eller få de frem? Refleksjoner om anonymisering i personsentrert forskning. Norsk Antropologisk Forening Årskonferanse, 8-10.5.2015, Trondheim

2014 Caught in a Trap. Regimes of Suspicion As Prerequisite and Obstruction in the Opioid Substitution Treatment in Norway. 113th American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, 3-7.12.2014, Washington

2014 When Patienthood Matters. Levd erfaring og sosiale konsekvenser av Rusreformen i Norge. 5. kongressen om rus og psyskisk helse, 10-12.2.2014, Oslo

2014 Yet Another Junkie Story? Lived Experiences of Drug Policy in Norway and Why They Matter. XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology, 13-19.7.2014 Yokohama

2013 Patient Hierarchies in Ambulance Services in Norway. Methodological Reflections on Vulnerable Field Sites. 4th Annual MAYS (EASA) Meeting, 10-11.6.2013, Tarragona

2013 Prestisje og hierarkier i ambulansetjenesten i Norge. Refleksjoner om sårbare feltarbeid. Norsk Antropologisk Konferanse, 3-5.5.2013, Tromsø

2011 What Do Our Readers See? Lessons from Making an Anthropological Comic Book. 110th Annual Meeting of the AAA. Montreal, Canada, 16-20.11.2011

2011 Post-socialist Health Care, Citizenship and Democracy in Poland. How Medical Anthropology Can Contribute to Studies of Societies in Transition? Health in Transition: (Bio)Medicine as culture in post-socialist Europe. Prague, 10-11.06.2011

2010 Circulating History. The Uses of the Holocaust Analogy in Disability Activism When
Questioning National Statistics Linked to Individual Needs for Care in Norway. 109th
Annual Meeting of the AAA. New Orleans, USA, 17-21.11.2010

2009 Negotiating Identity, Negotiating the Body: Controversy Surrounding the Norwegian National Registration of Assistance Needs Seen from the Disability Activists’ Point of View. An International Conference of the Society for Medical Anthropology of AAA, Yale University, New Haven, USA, 24-27.09.2009

2009 Do They Have Any Choice? Distribution of Life Chances, Risk Management and Poverty in Nicaragua. 108th AAA Annual Meeting. Philadelphia, PA, USA, 2-6.12.2009

2008 “I’m not sick, I just have pain”: Silence and (Under)Communication of Illness in a Nicaraguan Village, 1st Global Conference ‘The Patient – Probing the Boundaries’, Salzburg, Austria, 3-5.11.2008

2008 Registrering som overgrep? Debatten om ressursforvaltning og krenkelse i statistikksystemet IPLOS, Den 3. nasjonale konferansen om forskning om funksjonshemming, Bergen, 6-7.10.2008

2008 Health Center as a Symbolic Space. 6th MASN Conference Boundaries, Borders and Frontiers, Osilnica, Slovenia, 19-24.08.2008

2007 Place Identity. Anthropologists and Their “Romantic” Ideas in Crisis Situations. MASN Conference Exploring Anthropology – Perspectives on Interactions, Changes & Challenges, Blaubeuren, Germany, 07-11.11.07

2007 Sense Dependency vs. Information Dependency. Can Phenomenological Perspective Be United with Beck’s Theory of Risk Society? MASN Conference Exploring Anthropology – Perspectives on Interactions, Changes & Challenges, Blaubeuren, Germany, 07-11.11.07